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Professional Property Management

"Capable, Confident, Current, and Careful Professionals"



  A day-to-day operation of your property including accounting, insuring and legal services by local professionals is available, as well as routine bookkeeping operations tendered regularly. We have properties of our own and will care for yours as if it were our own.



  Having a qualified group of professional services companies on call to handle emergencies and general maintenance of your property is very important. Bulk buying power is your edge to get fair and competitive prices for a variety of services. Of course you can choose any contractor to do your work and we encourage your suggestions for new professionals to add to our host of services companies. If you have been happy in the past with a service provider, please let us know so we may add another qualified company to the group.



  We are located right downtown and are ready to promote your property for a short or long term rental. Our staff can make suggestions on how best to market your property, what fix-ups may get more rent, and show potential tenants your property 7 days a week. We know the local market and are eager to work with you & your property.



  Let our years of experience guide you with your questions about whether or not, and to what extent, improvements may increase the income or capital value of your property. Many factors play a role in decisions about spending capital dollars. Let us work with you to fully research the possibilities and benefits of future enhancements to your investment property.



  Sometimes the value of your property indicated a creative sale might reap you more income than continuing to operate it as a rental. We are constantly up on what’s happening in the marketplace and routinely look at our properties from all angels. We consider your property one of ours, and will keep you informed as we see the market changing.

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